Restaurant "Medziotoju uzeiga"
Rotušės a. 10, Kaunas

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About us

Restaurant interior

The Interior of the Restaurant

The History of the Building

The Restaurant „Medziotojų uzeiga“ is situated on Rotuses square, at the house Number 10. It is called Zabiela’s family house in researchers notes, because one of the most famous owners of the building in XVII–XVIII was rich Zabiela‘s urban family. The exterior of Zabiela‘s house has changed a couple of times and survived more than one reconstruction of Gothic, Renaissance and Classicism époques as well as nowadays reconstructions. The windows of this architectural monument overlooking the Town Hall could deliver a lot of interesting stories. At the end of the XIX century Lithuanian literature classic writer Antanas Baranauskas used to live in this house. It is known that poet Adomas Mickevičius used to come here a lot in 1819-1823. The reason of such visits was a beautiful wife of the doctor J. Kovalskis Ms. Karolina who the writer fell in love with. She supported Adomas during the hard times and has saved him, provided an inspiration for living and works. In 1965 the Restaurant „Medziotojų uzeiga“ was established on the premises. The Black and The White Banquet Halls were arranged on the second floor and decorated with hunting trophies and fire places.

About the Restaurant

The Restaurant „Medziotojų uzeiga“ is situated in the very heart of Kaunas – Rotuses square. The guests of the restaurant are treated with exceptional game meat dishes since 1965. The main goal of the restaurant is to use only fresh Lithuanian products. Therefore the cuisine of „Medziotoju uzeiga“ is especially valued for its high quality meals and, of course, a perfect service. The honorable local and foreign guests have complimented the work of the chefs as well as the service personnel a number of times. Cozy and authentic environment, banquet halls and convenient location of the restaurant is everything you need for organizing family or company events, official receptions or other celebrations.